how do we know sona sansaar is a reputable business that sells pure gold jewellery?

At Sona Sansaar we have over 30 years of experience in this industry as well as Sona Sansaar being around for 14 years brings huge trust in the Indian and Auckland community. 

We are also one of the preferred suppliers for replacing Indian jewelry in New Zealand through insurance companies. 

What are you returns policy on goods which have been purchased from sona sansaar?

At Sona Sansaar we stand by all our products and will guarantee the purity of all our goods being true and pure to the quality it is stated.

Unfortunately due to the nature of jewelry being in high purity gold it is more inclined to damage, for this reason we cannot accept broken or damaged jewellery to be returned once it has left our showroom. 

However if the product was still in new condition and unworn, we allow exchanges of goods within 1 week of purchase unless specified otherwise.

If you have any questions in regards to how to best manage your newly owned products or had any concerns in regards to care. Please contact one of our stores and we will happily assist you.

What other services in relation to jewelry?

Although we are competitive leaders in 22kt and diamond jewellery. We provide services such as jewellery repairing, jewellery alterations and even prepare jewellery evaluations and estimate after loss certificates for insurance purposes.

one of my friends has recently purchased an item i like, do you have any more of this item available?

Unfortunately we strive to keep all our products as unique as possible and do not repeat items often. It is best to visit us in store in regards to this matter so we can help provide solutions.

Some products may still be available, but larger jewelry designs and bridal selections will not be repeated.

i am unavailable to visit sona sansaar during the week days, are you open in the weekends?

Yes we are. We are open seven days unless it has been updated on social media and google page. We usually have extended hours during auspicious times of the year such as Diwali or Eid.

What kind of evidence do you provide that your products are the quality and grades stated?

All our products are hallmarked on each piece of jewelry. Also we do provide instant X-Ray tests for checking the purity on your own jewelry or if you would like peace of mind - to double check our in-store products.

As well as providing x-ray testing and hallmarking. We standby all our products (with proof of purchase) that the purity stated is what the product is. If you ever have any concerns please contact us. 

I have some old pieces of broken and unwanted jewelry, do you accept trade-ins?

Yes, we buy all forms of gold jewelry. Please bring in a valid form of I.D and we will provide the best quote we can on the day based on international gold rates.

What are your business hours for religious holidays such as eid and diwali?

During these special times of the year we usually have extended business hours. To find out exactly what our hours are around these auspicious times - please check our google home page for updated hours or alternatively call (09) 629 3333.

Do you do ear and nose piercing?

Yes we do. We have over thirty years of piercing experience and can provide a safe environment where your family, friends and even you will feel at ease.

How long does your jewellery repairing service take?

We aim to have your jewellery back with you as soon as possible in the highest possible standard.
However as each item and service is unique it can depend on your requests. We highly recommend you bring in your goods to one of our stores so one of our friendly staff members can provide assistance to you.

I am looking to purchase a gift, however i am unsure of sizing and not sure if my partner will like the gift. What can you do to help?

We have a large variety of jewellery and watches that can help make your choice easy. However if you are unsure on your purchase, you can check with one of our friendly staff on a time frame in which the jewellery can be exchanged. We also provide gift cards that you can place an amount of your choosing from.