Our Products, more than just ORDINARY JEWELLERY.

At Sona Sansaar we pride ourselves in bringing you some of the most exclusive designer pieces of handcrafted gold and diamond jewellery


9kt, 14kt, 18kt, 21kt, 22kt.

The purity on our products vary from piece to piece. This is due to several factors. Origin, Workmanship (Stonework) and Tradition.

All our products are hallmarked and come with a receipt in which we guarantee the purity and authenticity of the product. 

Our pieces come from worldwide including Italy, Turkey, Dubai, India, Singapore and more - allowing us to bring you variety and quality. 


Cut, Clarity, Colour, carat.

At Sona Sansaar our diamond products are all GIA certified (Gemological Institute of America). 

Whether you're looking for that perfect engagement ring, birthday present or just a surprise, our helpful staff will keep you at ease.

Titan Watches

Automatic, edge, raga, octane, bandhan.

Both our Auckland jewellery showrooms stock the latest Titan watches. We carry the entire range offered by Titan from Raga collection watches to The Edge, the world’s slimmest watch mechanism. 

Investment bullion

Gold Bars, Gold Coins, Silver Bars, Silver Coins and more.

Looking to make a safe investment for your future? Gold is one of the safest investments available. It is a commodity that has steadily increased over hundreds of years. Prices vary on this day to day as we use international gold prices to determine the pricing for this product. 

We proudly stock NZ Mint, Perth Mint, Pamp and more in our stores.


Pure. Sterling. 

We stock some of Auckland's most beautifully-crafted silver ornaments (murthis), jewellery and religious products for auspicious occasions. Visit us and see our huge collection of silver jewellery from multiple different countries providing you a range like no other. 

Titan Raga Watch.jpg


ZODIAC Birthstones. coral. sapphire. ruby. pearls.

Love gemstones? We do too! With many gemological stones available at Sona Sansaar. Whether you're looking for something to capture light for religious wearing or simply love boldstone jewellery. Visit us and find out more.

From ready-made jewellery with stonework to custom-made astrological pieces, we have them covered.